WELCOME TO Better Home

The group of companies specializes in the construction and operation of facilities that present a better way of living. It brings out the elegance of the old and well-established architecture, with a touch of modernity and practicality.


Provides all-inclusive residential compounds with a modern and innovative flair.


Developing prestigious administrative buildings with premium facilities.


The first and only specialized medical center in the heart of 6th of October, "Cairo Medical Center".


It specializes in providing the best commercial complexes with premium shopping and entertainment facilities.



Explore the size and scope of our projects in the most interactive and intuitive way yet. Our Interactive GIS Masterplan allows you to instantly visualize the geographical location of any of our destinations, quickly view information or explore the many of its state of the art features.

The masterplan is a feature-dense tool which may be accessed by downloading the official BetterHome mobile app for iOS or Android using the Appstore badge(s) below.

Some, and by no means all, of the features you may enjoy through the Interactive Masterplan:


Simply by tapping on the map; Identify a building or a project and view the associated information.


Just type any search keywords in our search field and instantly Geta comprehensive list of results.


Display and navigate the fastest route from your current location to any of our destinations with just one tap.